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Rework Stations

Professional BGA Rework Stations

Soldering Robots

Hot Air Nozzles

Solder Tips

Rework Station Parts
(Heating elements, Soldering handles, more)

Solder Pots

All of our hot air rework stations contain built-in air pumps.


List Price: $985.00
Starting Price: $215.00

850D Hot Air Rework Station



QK998 Hot Air Rework Station

Built-in sensor for steady temperature control at any air flow pressure. Precise airflow and temperature adjustments. Good for QFT, SOP, PLCC chips and other components.

Come with foot switch and programmable timer


Sale Price: $175.00

8502D 2-in-1 Hot Air Rework Station


Sale Price: $110.00

AT8586 2-in-1 Hot Air Soldering Station/Rework Station

Combined tool for both through hole and surface mount components, LED displays. Comes with a sharp tip regular soldering gun, a hot air gun with two nozzles.

  Rework tool that combines a heat gun and soldering station. It is compact and easy to operate.
Sale Price:$125.00

CT851K Hot Air Pencil

List Price: $300.00
Sale Price: $185.00

QK857D Mini Hot Air Rework Station

Hot air pencil works great for small components and high density circuit boards.

Soft and rotating hot air make it best suitable to work with high density circuit board, like cellular phones, etc. LED display. Small size and light weight. Comes with 3 nozzles, 6mm, 8mm, 12mm diameters.

Sale Price:$295.00

CT858 3-in-1 Rework Station

List Price: $1150.00

Sale Price:429.00

QK702 3-in-1 Rework Stations

Hot air pencil works great for small components and high density circuit boards.

3-in-1 rework stations include a hot air gun, a soldering iron and a desoldering gun.


List Price: $850.00

Sale Price:$398.00

Madell QK870ESD Pre-heat/Reflow Hot Plate


List Price: $339.00
Sale Price: $145.00


This hot plate can be used to preheat a whole board for repair or parts removal. It can also be used to build small circuit boards with manual profile control.

Fast heat up, 10 seconds to reach 250C.
Built in temperature sensor for stable temperature control. Hot and cool air selection for chip preheating or cooling.



Sale Price:156.00

QK202D ESD Lead Free Soldering Station


Starting from:$155.00

ESD Desoldering Stations

Intelligent, high performance ESD soldering station. Fast heating up, reaches the required temperature in seconds.


Tip temperature: 320C-480C. Pump: Diaphragm. Vacuum pressure: 600mmHg. Tip to ground resistance: <2Ohm. Tip to ground potential: <2mv.


List Price: $170.00

Sale Price: $84.50

QK989 ESD SMD Hot Tweezers


Sale Price:$130.00

QK989 Hot Tweezers with SD-04B Base

This item is hot tweezers only.  Soldering station is not included.  It can used Madell QK936, and other rework stations. 


Hot tweezers with SD-04B soler station base.


List Price: $119.50
Starting from:$28.00

Soldering Stations

Sale Price:$139.00

AT-90DH Fast Heat Soldering Station

  • QK936A
  • SD-04B
  • AT201D

Fast heat up and powerful 90W soldering station




List Price: $1950.00

Sale Price: $625.00

850D Rework Station(8 Nozzles)+Fixture+Hot Plate


List Price: $1550.00

Sale Price:$498.00

8502C+Fixture+Hot Plate

This package includes a 8502 rework station with 2 nozzles, hot air gun and PCB fixture and a preheat hot plate.

This package includes a 850D rework station with 8 nozzles, hot air gun and PCB fixture and a preheat hot plate.




List Price: $195.00

Large size: $85.00
Small size: $65.00

List Price: $699.00
Sale Price: $299.00


Fixture used to hold a PCB board. Adjustable to suit differenct PCB sizes. The base is not included.
Max circuit board sizes:
Large frame: 10½"x13", height 4½"
Small frame: 5½"x6", height 4½"

Heating the top and bottom sides of PCB's at the same time used with a hot air rework station and QUICK853ESD.Adjustable to suit different PCB sizes. This package comes with a large PCB frame.

Sale Price: $385.00

QK854ESD Infrared Preheater

QK440A Ionizing Air Blower
Heating power 400W, 130mmx130mm effective heating area, 50°C to 350°C.

Sale Price: $246.00

Sale Price: $89.00

QK493 Smoke Absorber

From: $68.00

Magnifying Lamps

Solder smoke absorbers for a cleaning working environment. 5X, 8X magnifying lamps.

Solder Reel Stands

Sale Price: $148.00

QK373 Solder Self-Feeders

Sale Price: $8.50

Sale Price: $8.50

Automatic solder feeders. Available models for 0.6mm, 0.8mm solder diameters.