Madell QK202D ESD Lead Free Soldering Station

QK202D in Active Mode


QK202D in Idle Mode


l          Fast heating up and recovery, reaches the required temperature in only seconds.

l          Intelligent heating mode ensures adquit heat dispensing and extraordinary heat recovery.

l          Great for lead-free soldering and low-temperature soldering.

l          Auto sleep. Temperature will drop to 200°C when the handle is placed in the stand

l         Temperature setting can be locked by password.


l          Temperature range: 80°C-480°C.

l          Temperature stability (no load): 2°C.

l          Max power: 90W.

l          Time to set temperature: 10 seconds.

l          Sleep temperature: 50°C-250°C programmable.

l          Heating mode: electromagnetic.

l          Output voltage: 48V.

l          Weight: 1Kg.

l          Handle cord length: 1.4m.

l          Dimension: 15.5x7.8x12 mm.

l         Large blue LCD display.

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