Madell 850B Hot Air Rework Station

Price: $115.00 (850B with 2 nozzles)

Price: $210.00 (850B with 8 nozzles)

Built in air pump.

l         Temperature and air pressure controlled separately.

l         Hot air temperature: 100C to 480C.

l         Power consumption: 300W(Max).

l         Built in diaphragm air pump, capacity 22L/minute(Max.)

l         Anti-static design.

l         110V power supply.

l         Two nozzles, A1130 and A1170, come with the unit. More nozzles available.

l         One-year manufacturer's warranty.

l          Accepts popular 20mm diameter hot air nozzles.
Additional hot air nozzles can be purchased here.

Optional nozzles come with 850B