Price: $215.00 

(850D with 4 Nozzles)


Price: $725.00 

(850D with 33 Nozzles)

Built-in sensor for steady temperature control at any air flow pressure.

l          Precise airflow and temperature adjustments.

l          Good for QFT, SOP, PLCC chips and other components.

l          Hot air temperature 100°C to 480°C.

l          Power consumption: 560W(max.).

l          Digital temperature display.

l          Delayed air pump shut off for hot air gun and nozzle protection.

l          Safe soldering and desoldering with the included nozzles.

l          Four nozzle options: A1125, A1126, A1130, A1170.

l          110V power supply.

l          Total 33 nozzles available. The nozzles are standard sizes and are compatible with Hakko and other hot air soldering stations.

l          One-year warranty. Repair services or replacement will be done by us.

Additional hot air nozzles can be purchased here.

Nozzles come with 850D

Optional nozzles come with 8502,850B

Additional available nozzles