Madell QK376 Digital Self-Feeder Soldering Station

Price: $545.00


l          High frequency current heating, temperature controlled by K-type sensor, rapid
temperature rising and thermal recovery.

l          Automatic soldering wire breaking, ESD Safe design.

l          Micro computer control, temperature adjusted by buttons, digital temperature calibration, auto sleeping function.

l          Auto and manual feeding modes available. Feeding times can be set.

l         Feeding speed, length, and interval time can be adjusted, with adjustable backing function.

l          Pedal switch and hand switch available.

l          Can be used as a lead-free soldering station only.

l          Can prevent soldering wire from splattering during the soldering process.


l          Power Consumption: 90W

l          Temperature Range: 200°C - 480°C

l          Temperature Stability: 2C (Stationary air, no load)

l          Tip to Ground Resistance: < 2 Ohm

l          Tip to Ground Potential: < 2mV

l          Motor: Step Motor

l          Feeding Speed: About 2.7 mm/s - 27mm/s (36/s - 360/s)

l          Feeding Length: 0 - 150 mm

l          Feeding Interval Time: 0 - 2.7s

l          Backing Time: 0 - 0.9s ( About 0 -25mm; constant speed: 360/s)

l         Feeding Mode: Auto (1-9) / Manual (0)

l          Diameter of Soldering Wire: 0.3, 0.4, 0.5, 0.6, 0.8, 1.0, 1.2, 1.4, 1.6(mm)

l         Weight: 3.3 kg

Additional Information:

Pac Part Number I310085
MFG Part Number QUICK376DI
Brand Quick
Shipping Weight 7.2700
ESD Properties ESD-Safe
Adjustment Digital
Input 120V
Includes Tool(s) & Stand