QK936A Soldering Station

List Price: $119.50

Sale Price:$49.50


  • Power consumption:  60W
  • Temperature lock:  yes, mechanical
  • Control box output voltage: DC, low voltage
  • Temperature range:  200-480°C
  • Resistance between tip and ground: below 2 ohm
  • 110V power supply.P
  • Potential between tip and ground: below 0.5mV

Soldering iron stand included.

SD04B ESD Soldering Station

Sale Price:$86.00


  • Power consumption:  60W
  • Heating element: metal
  • Temperature range:  200-480°C
  • Resistance between tip and ground: <2 ohm
  • 110V power supply.
  • Potential between tip and ground: <0.5mV

Soldering iron stand included.

AT201D Digital Display Soldering Station
Sale Price:$57.00


  • Operating voltage: AC110V/60Hz
  • Power consumption: Max 85W
  • Solderingn Iron voltage: 24V AC
  • Soldering iron output: 60W
  • Soldering tip temperature: 150-450°C
Soldering iron stand included.

Change temperature display from C to F: power on the unit and press F3 at the same time, and continue to press F3 for a few seconds, then power off. The display will change next time it is powered on.

User's manual

AT980D Soldering Station


  • Brand new appearence, small size, portable
  • Light handle, suitable for sustained operation
  • Heater(80W) with Atten temperature-beard materials, double-wire heating method, long life, and low cost
  • Low-voltage power supply for the heater, anti-static, no creepage, no inteference
  • Unique temperature locking devices to prevent improper temperature adjustment
  • Stable and accurate temperature from 200-480°C
  • Standard international soldering tips and optional soldering tips according to the unique conditions of each user
  • Power consumption: 80 W

Additional solder iron tips can be purchased here.