Madell CT-859 Desoldering Station


This Temp-controlled desoldering station is composed of: an air pump part, a heating part, a transfer part, and a control part. The air pump part includes a diaphragm pump and a high power electro electro motor. The heating part is a ceramic heater(temperature sensor) & desoldering tip. The transfer part is made up of a desoldering gun, a vacuum pippette, and a filter gauge. Control part is control PCB. While working, the electromotor drives air pump and make negative pressure to imbibe melted soldering tin into filter pipe, thereby it suctions out soldering tin onto the circuit board.

Packing List
  • CT-859 Desoldering Station
  • Accessories to CT-859 (4 desoldering tips, cleaning rod, filter, etc.)
  • Soldering Stand
  • Operational Manual
  • Power Cord


  • Anti-static design prevents damage caused by static and creepage.
  • Powerful built-in vacuum pump doesn't require connection to another vaccuum system.
  • Heating system is an adopted sensor that uses closed loop temperature control to ensure precision and constant temperature.
  • Transformer makes the power from the main power supply into 26V AC low voltage for the heating element, ensuring safety.
  • High quality hot-resistant soft vacuum tube, to avoid damage by hot desoldering gum.
  • Electromotor of vacuum pump is temperature safe, preventing damage due to long use.


Power Supply Voltage 11010%V AC 60Hz
Heating Power 60W/27 10% AC 60Hz
Desoldering Tip Temperature 280C-450C
Pump Diaphragm
Vacuum Suction -680mmHg
Tip to Ground Resistance Less than 2Ohm
Electromotor Power 40W/110V AC
Tip to Ground Potention Less than 2mV
Dimension 105x250x165mm
Weight About 4kg w/ iron holder & power cord


Madell QK201B ESD Desoldering Station


  • Vacuum pump power: 80W/110VDC.
  • Heating power: 60W/36VAC.
  • Tip temperature: 320C-480C.
  • Digital display 
  • Pump: Diaphragm.
  • Vacuum pressure: 600mmHg.
  • Tip to ground resistance: <2 ohm.
  • Tip to ground potential: <2mv.
  • Dimension: 105x250x165mm.
  • One year warranty.


Improved model over QK201A, specifications the same.




A1004(small), 0.8mm


A1005(medium), 1.0mm


A1006(large), 1.3mm