SZMCTV 1/2" Video Adaptor

Vieo adaptor for SZM series microscopes.


20X/10mm Eye Pieces, SZMEHWH20X10


Replacement Fluorescent Ring Light Bulb, SZM-RL


Ring Light Assembly


2X Boost Lens, WD26

The boost lens increases magnification up to 90X.


0.5X Reduce Lens, WD05

This lens reduces magnification down to 3.5x - 22.5x. It increases the working distance for about 1.5" to 2".


Dust Cover Clear Lens, SZMWC

The clear dust cover lens is mounted on the bottom of the microscope head to protect the object lens. This lens fits the SZM7045 microscopes.


Precision XY table, SZ-SGM1

Stage size: 150mmx150mm
Movement range: 25mm
Precision: 0.01mm


Scale Reticle for SZM 10X, 15X Eye Peice, RETICLE10-15X

Glass reticle, 10mm, 0.01mm per division


Scale Reticle for SZM 20X Eye Peice, RETICLE20X

Glass reticle, 10mm, 0.01mm per division


Plastic Dust Cover for SZM Microscope W/Boom Stand, SZMDUSTCOVER