8/12-channel Pipette 
Easy to operate in a wide variety of applications. Whole pipette is autoclavable at 121C(250F). The manifold can be freely rotated against the handle to work in a relaxed position, yet always at an optimum angle towards the microtiter plate.
Sale Price: $305.00 (8 - channel)
Sale Price: $345.00 (12-channel))

Variable Volume Pipette 
Recommended for aqueous samples of moderate viscosity and density. Proven ergonomic design reduces hand fatigue, prevents injury. Dry seal technology. No cleaning, no greasing.
Sale Price: $79.50

Autoclavable Pipette   
Whole pipette is autoclavable at 121C(250F). Fills and empties the liquid fluently. Volume lock design prevents inadvertent volume change. Novel hand grip shape reduces the horizontal grip. To prevent corrosion the tip ejector is all polypropylene.
Sale Price: $99.00