"I have an absolute passion for the AT850D. It is, with the very first Oscilloscope I bought at the age of 20, my most appreciated tools I ever purchased. I feel like when I was 18 again, discovering that a new world of infinite new possibilities opens up where imagination is in an overflow of ideas for useful circuits. I owe this all to your hard work in presenting us such a wonderful selection of selected 'best of the world' essential key elements to bridge imagination to realizations. I have no doubt that you create the same appreciation to each and every one of your privileged customers."

"These 850D's kick royal butt around here, they are in full operation 10 hours a day and the folks love them. They might make the metal soldering iron go obsolete. "

"I got the solder station today and I was playing with it. I have to say that this thing works very well and I am extremely pleased with how it works so far. It's awesome and as good as a Hakko."

"Presently I have taken the liberty to have your company added to our approved ISO-9000-9002 vendor lists."

"Great service, Excellent prices.......It doesn't get any better than this!!!!"

"Great product, fast shipment."

"Outstanding communication and customer care; very easy to work with."

"Supplier has great electronic test gear and his email communication is fantastic."

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