Field Test Probes

AZ530-M, Magnetic Field Probe

For the tested system, the magnetic field probe gives a voltage result, its value is propotional to the field strength. This probe can be used to find RF interference sources, detect cable leak areas or wire conduct interference, and determin the effect of metal shielding.

50Ω input impedance.


AZ530-H, High Impedance Probe

High impedance probe can directly contact joint points or routes on printed circuit boards to test RF interference (RFI). The probe has very high resistance (similar to insulation resistance value of PCB) and only 2pF load to the testing point (80Ω at 1GHz). So it can directly contact the circuit without influence to the circuit.

It can be used to measure the effectiveness of metal shielding. The individual pins of IC can be considered as RFI sources. This probe can be used to trace the problem positions on PCB. With this high impedance probe, the circuit can be connected to 50Ω input of a spectrum analyzer directly.


AZ530-E, E Field Monopole Probe

Among these three probes, the E field monopole probe has the highest sensitivity. It is high enough to be used as an antenna to receive radio or TV signals. It can be used to test circuit or equipment radiations.

RFI filters can be evaluated with this probe. The E field probe can also be used for related measurements of compliance testing. Makes it easier to pass the certification process.