XS series biological microscope

195mm Plan Corrected Optical System
    §   The Plan Corrected Option System design has corrected chromatic aberration on the base traditional optical system, A significant development in optical performance and versatility.
    §  The XS system’s universal objectives are compatible with all observation methods, including brightfield, darkfield, polarizing kits, and provide the highest level of image quality in each mode.
 Microscope Stand
    §  XS series microscope can be optimal integrates and maximum expandability as fully functions.
     §  Shapely configuration, additionally the inverted "C" support in the back of the microscope provides extra lateral stability.
     §  Ergonomic design has made XS comfortable with the manner in which you working. The location of focusing controls, stage and light intensity are placed conveniently at your fingertips to minimize fatigue.

     §  XS Series Microscope have four type heads
         1) Gemel  binocular head       2)Gemel  trinocular head 
         3) Push-pull binocular head  4) Push-pull trinocular head
     §  PL10X high eye-point plan eyepiece, 18mmm view of field can provide wide and clearly watching space. each eyepiece with eye-cap can prevent astigmatism and protect eyepiece tens. reticle for measure can be installed in eyepiece.
Type 1: Gemel  binocular head  with 30° inclined
Type 2:   Gemel  trinocular head  with 30° inclined
Type 3: Push-Pull  binocular head  with 45° inclined
Type 4:  Push-Pull  trinocular head  with 45° inclined
Description :  
  both types of trinocular head,comes with photo tube and photo mount and photo eyepiece (PK-PH) , then you can take pictures; if you Equip TV mount (CTV) , then you can video output to TV ; if you Equip TV mount ( CTV) and Video catching card, then you can video output to computer.

 Objective & Nosepiece
      § Reversed quadruple nosepiece completed with plan achromatic objective(4X,10X,40X,100X) could assure fine and clearly under each times.
     §  Stage Size:132 * 140mm
     §  Journey: 76 * 50mm
     §  Precision: 0.1mm
     §  Focus: Lowness coaxial focus system

     §  A strong and efficient 6V/20W halogen illumination helps to cope with difficult or light absorbing specimens
     §  The built-in illumination diaphragm ensures correct positioning of the condenser according to Koehler for perfect illumination of the specimens.
     §  Illuminator system can be seasoned with 90V~240V fluctuate of voltage. Brightness adjustment.

      §   Comes with N.A.1.2/0.24 swing achromatic condenser.

Specification :

Color corrected 195mm plan optical system.
Head Push-Pull  binocular head  with 45° inclined
  trinocular head  with 45° inclined
Gemel  binocular head  with 30° inclined
Gemel  trinocular head  with 30° inclined
Eyepiece PL10X18mm high eye-point plan eyepiece
Nosepiece Reversed quadruple nosepiece, reversed quadruple nosepiece for optional.
Objective Plan achromatic objective 4X,10X,40X,100X.
Plan phase contrast objective 10X,40X,100X
Focus lowerness locate Coaxial focus system
Stage   132mm *140mm mechanical stage, adjusting for right or left hand.
76m * 50mm moving range.

Condenser N.A.1.2/0.24 swing achromatic condenser
N.A.1.25 five position phase contrast condenser
N.A.0.9 dry darkfiled condenser.
N.A. 1.25 wet drakfiled condenser.
Illuminator Built-in koehler illuminator systems. 6V/20W halogen bulb,adjustment of brightness.
Standard specifications and accessories