XSP Series Biological Microscopes

XSP500X (XSP640X) XSP1250X (XSP1600X)


§   Mechanical tube length 160mm.
§  Metal construction body ensures many years use for students.
§  Triple nosepiece can change objectives to view at random.
§  All models adopt three achromatic objectives 4X,10X,40XS.
§  Rack and pinion focusing adjustment with slip clutch mechanism, avoid breaking slides and objectives by careless or
  overpowered turning.
§  Coarse and fine focus mechanism; Arm of these biological microscope can incline up to 45”ćadjust angle at random to observe
§  It equip hermetic and convenient Engineering plastics packing box.
§  There are many accessories , you can choose it by yourself.


Model XSP-500X XSP-640X XSP-1250X XSP-1600X
Magnification 500X 640X 1250X 1600X
Eyepiece H10X, H12.5X H10X, H16X H5X, H10X, H12.5X H5X, H10X, H16X
Achromatic objectives 4X, 10X, 40XS 4X, 10X, 40XS 10X, 40XS, 100XS 10X, 40XS, 100XS
Mechanical tube length 160mm
Mechanical stages size 110mm x 120mm plain stage
Coarse focus range 40mm
Fine focus range 1.2mm
Illumination Ų50mm plano and concave mirror
Condenser No Abbe N.A.1.25 with iris diaphragm and filter
Movable specimen holder No Black holder(60mm x 30mm)
Accessories Multifarious eyepiece, Attachable illuminator;...   
Standard specifications and accessories