Digi 2 CE List Price
Part NO. Digital Binocular Microscope (Medical) USD
3131200 Siedentopf Binocular tube with in-built 0.8 Megapixel Digital CCD
Imaging Module,
30° inclined

Wide Field eyepiece WF 10x/18mm paired with eye guards IPD 52-75mm
Quintuple Reverse angle nosepiece (Ball bearing type)
RP series DIN Infinity Corrected Semi Plan Achromatic objectives
4x, 10x, 40x (SL) and 100x(SL,Oil)
Stage rectangular 150 x 135mm double plate with mechanical stage
cross travel 76 x 50mm on ball bearing with co-axial control
Sub-stage ABBE condenser centerable NA 1.25 with aspheric lens.
lris diaphragm and special day light blue filter
Co-axial coarse and fine focusing mechanism with tension control
Koehler Illumination system 6V-20W Halogen with intensity control.
Universal power supply (110V-240V)
Imaging software DigiPro™ version 4.0 with advanced features for
Image Capturing, Processing, Measurement, Features include Binder files,
Custom Reports, Time Lapse capturing etc.
Communication Protocal: USB v1.1
Packed in moulded styrofoam box, with operation manual, dust cover,
cleaning cloth and USB Cable
Optional Accessories & Spare Bulbs
CAL-200 Calibration Slide for Biological Microscopes 28.00
PK-030 Lens Cleaning Tissue (Box of 100 Tissue papers) 2.00
PK-035 Immersion Oil 25ml 6.00
CX-013 Halogan Bulb 6V / 20W 8.00
EL-004 Power Cord 110V with North American Plug (6 Ft.) 4.00
312086-119 Power Cord 220V with Schuko Plug (6 Ft.) 4.00
EL-003 Power Cord 220V with UK Plug (6 Ft.) 6.00
EL-013 Power Cord 220V with B5-546 Plug (Indian plug) (6 Ft.) 4.00
312086-118 Fuse 2.5 Amp 2.00
PKC-017 Soft Carrying Case (Inner Dimemsions 20.5'' x 15.5'' x 10'') 110.00
PK-020 Dust Cover 6.00