PLX112 High Frequency Mobile Surgical X-ray Machine
(Coming soon)


Fluoroscopic Capacity

Max rated capacity:
Tube Current 4mA, Tube Voltage 110kV
Automatic Fluoroscopy:
Tube Voltage:40kV~110kV adjust automatically
Tube Current:0.3mA~4mA set manually
Manual Fluoroscopy:
Continuous Tube Voltage:40kV~110kV
ContinuousTube Current:0.3mA~4mA
Continuous Tube Voltage:40kV~110kV
Continuous Tube Current:4.1mA~8mA
Max rated capacity:
3.5 KW
Tube Voltage and Current Combination:
40kV~49kV 1 ~125 mAs
50kV~59kV 1 ~110 mAs
60kV~69kV 1 ~90 mAs
70kV~79kV 1 ~80 mAs
80kV~89kV 1 ~71 mAs
90kV~99kV 1 ~63 mAs
100kV~110kV 1 ~40 mAs
Plateholder Size:
200mm×250mm(8"×10")or 250mm×300mm(10"×12")
X-ray Tube
X-ray Tube Special forHigh Frequency
Fixed anode X-ray tube with 2 foci:Large focus: 1.5mm, small focus: 0.6mmInverter Frequency: 40KHzThermal capacity: 30KJ (40HU)
Image Intensifier:
Image Intensifier made by TOSHIBA (9", 6", 4.5")
CCD Vidicon
Horizontal 1000 lines and vertical 800 lines,
Bandwidth: 12.5MHz,
Image/sec: 25
CCU(central control):
Recursive Filter: K=8, 7 images storage, image upright, image overturn,positive & negative image;LIH(last image freeze), and OSD(monitor display)
Direction wheel:
±90°revolution,can change the moving direction of the unit.
Ascending & Descending Range of Pillar:
Forward and Backward Movement: 200mmRevolution around Horizontal Axis: ±180°Revolution around Vertical Axis:±15Slip on orbit: 120°(+90°~ -30°)
1.With a small and beautiful appearance, and easy to operate;
2.Clinical Video system with high performance,7 images storage volume, and two 14" high-resolution monitors;
3.Automatically track fluoroscopy to make the image brightness and clearness optimum;
4.Automatically store the last image of fluoroscopy to advantage diagnosis;
5.With a high-quality knockdown X-ray generator to reduce radiation;