PLX110 Mobile Surgical X-ray Machine


Fluoroscopic Capacity

Max rated capacity:
Tube current 3mA, Tube voltage 90kV
Automatic Fluoroscopy:
Tube voltage: 45kV~90kV, adjust automatically
Tube current: 0.3mA~3mA, set manually
Manual Fluoroscopy:
Continuous tube voltage: 45kV~90kV
Continuous tube current: 0.3mA~3mA
Radiography Capacity
Max rated capacity:
1.73kVA(70kV,35mA, 0.1s)
Tube voltage, Tube current:
Fixed combination of tube voltage and tube current, classified into 5 grades: 45kV50mA, 60kV40mA, 70kV35mA, 80kV25mA, 90kV20mA
0.1s~7s with an interval of 0.1s
Size of plateholder:
200mm×250mm(8"×10") or 250mm×300mm(10"×12")
X-ray Tube
Fixed anode x-ray tube with 2 focus: large focus 2.6mm, small focus 1mm
Field of view:
The unit applies 150mm (6?) EGA made by Toshiba,Japan. And 170mm (7?) or 230mm(9?) is optional.
Image resolution:
Horizontal 800 lines and Vertical 400 line
Gray scale: 8
Resolution: =14LP/cm
Line Scanned: 625
Image/sec: 25
Direction wheel:
Horizontal movement,±90° rotation
Ascending&descending range:
C-arm moving distance: 200mm
Revolution around horizontal axis ± 180°
Revolution aroun vertical axis ± 12.5°
Slip on orbit 90°
(1)Clinical Video system with high performance,8 images storage volume, and two 14 inches high-resolution monitors
(2)Automatically track fluoroscopy to make the image brightness and clearness optimum
(3)Automatically store the last image of fluoroscopy to advantage diagnosis