PLX101B High Frequency Mobile X-ray Camera


Power Output:
X-Ray Tube:
Fixed anode
Tube Voltage:
40~110KV (interval 1KV)
Tube Current:
40~49KV 63mA 1~125 mAs
50~59KV 56mA 1~110 mAs
60~69KV 45mA 1~90 mAs
70~79KV 40mA 1~80 mAs
80~89KV 36mA 1~71 mAs
90~99KV 32mA 1~63 mAs
100~110KV 20mA 1~40 mAs
1.0~125 mAs (45 steps)
Built-in Battery:
With a built-in back up battery to enable taking 200 to 500 pictures after power interruption.
Power Supply:
220V10? 50Hz
Operation Method:
Wire/Wireless control
1. Structure designed based on anthropotomy, with beautiful appearance, and easy to operate.
2. With high frequency inverter to emit high quality X-ray and low dose on skin, and ensure excellent definition and contrast of pictures.
3. Color LCD display, automatic X-ray tube test with memory for convenient operation.
4. With a high-quality knockdown x-ray generator to reduce irradiation, which is much safer to environment and operator.
5. Electrically controlling the ascending & descending of the rocker, and it can be left and right swing at a range of 90, which enables more flexible and more convenient radiograph.
6. With a built-in backup battery to enable work after power interrupted, and without any special requirement to power supply, and with multifunction of safeguard.