Desktop Lead-free Reflow Ovens

TYR108C, TYR108N

For regular and lead-free assembling, temperature up to 300°C, IR+hot air, 350mmx250mm working area, Automatic temperature control, computer interface and software. Heat source: Infared and hot air convection, 6 minutes per working cycle, 4.2KW, 620x460x385mm size, 45Kg



Low cost but great performance reflow oven, pre-loaded and self programmable profiles, effective working area 300x320mm, temperature to 280°C

Large working area Lead Free Desktop Reflow Oven
  • Working area: 600x400mm
  • IR heating
  • 8 stored profiles. Firmware is the same as MD-2012
  • Power: 1900W, AC 220V
  • Reflow cycle time: about 8 minutes
  • Outside dimension: 684 x 504 x225 mm, weight 25Kg
SMD-2007 (disontinued)

IR+hot air, computer interface and software. Full automatic fuzzy logic temperature control. Back light LDC display. Can be used for any surface mount components. Can also be used for two sides PCB boards