GL-21MC computer controlling high speed refrigerated centrifuge


GL-21MC centrifuge is expanded on the basis of GL21M.
  • More simple, more convenient to operate 
  • The function is strengthened further
  • Can show that the rotational speed rises, drop curve, integral curve, temperature curve
  • Store every parameter that the centrifuge uses in ten years
  • Either PC or panel operating.
  • By linked with Internet, the producer can interviews user's centrifuge, diagnoses the trouble, maintain service through Intel network

Model GL21MC
Max speed 21000r/min
Max RCF 47400g
Max  Capacity 6500ml
Control PC controlled
Speed Accuracy 50r/min
Temperature Range -20° C~+40° C
Temperature Accuracy 1° C
Time Range 0~23h59min
Power Supply AC 220V 50HZ 30A
Dimension 7108401200(mm)
Weight 260kg