DL-5M low speed refrigerated centrifuge



Advanced performance

The computer controlled, frequency conversion adjusting the speed, no carbon powder pollution, low noise, small vibration

Easy and simple to handle

Touch panel, digital display , can be operated by PC.

The wide range of application

Suitable for radiating the separation of the immunity, biochemistry, blood product 


Model DL-5M DD-5M
Max speed 5000r/min
No1 Angle Rotor 1210ml (5000r/min) RCF:3500g
No2 Swing Rotor 1487ml (4000r/min) RCF:2800g
No3 Swing Rotor 4500ml (4000r/min) RCF:3500g
No4 Swing Rotor 450ml (5000r/min) RCF:4390g
850ml (4000r/min) RCF:2810g
3215ml (4000r/min) RCF:2810g
727ml (4000r/min) RCF:2800g
Max RCF 3500g
Temperature Range -10° C~+30° C No refrigeration
Time Range 0~9h 59min 0~60min
Power Supply AC220V 50HZ 15A AC220V 50HZ 10A
Dimension 5907101100 mm(LWH)
Weight 180kg 150kg